So you want to know a little about me?  Okay, here goes. I live in Wimbledon Village in South West London, and love most things about it.  But I have a couple of other passions in life too:

  • my friends; the last year or so, in particular, has taught me so much about friendship and how important the little, caring, things make such a difference.
  • my job at the House of Commons. I’ve worked there since 1993 and still can’t quite get over the privilege of working at the heart of British politics or surrounded by the fruits of the fantastic minds of Augustus Pugin and Charles Barry, respectively the designer and architect who together produced the architectural gem of the Palace of Westminster.
  • Books, reading, literature – in short, a biblio-maniac.  Check out BookAddiction to find out more about that.
  • Horses so inevitably lots of my snapshots are of horses or horse-related things.  I used to keep my lovely, faithful Casper, at the very wonderful Wimbledon Village Stables – the oldest riding stables in the UK and in my view the best!  There’s nothing quite like being out on horseback on a frosty morning or a fine spring day.
  • Photography, of course.  My friends are very tolerant and I love them all the more for that.  I have a little photography blog – although its been inactive for a while now – at Impossible Photography
  • And the last is a secret, but if you know me well enough, you’ll guess right straight off.

And I’m incurably curious.